Unless you’re new to window farming / gardening you have most likely already noticed that the original site, windowfarms.org, disappeared a while ago. There also seems to be no effort by the original owners to resurrect it. I assume the failed kickstarter project is the main reason behind this.

But, I thought it would be sad to see all that information disappear. Or “disappear” might not be the right word. The information is still out there but it’s scattered and can be hard to find sometimes. So I decided to gather as much information as I could in one place.

After all, window gardening is a great solution for those of us who love fresh vegetables and fruits but live in the city, without access to gardens. I think it can also be a great solution for those with gardens as they can optimize space usage but that’s a story for another time.So in an attempt to resurrect window gardening, I’ve gathered as much information as I can to get you on your way. Now if you’ve been window gardening for a while, this is nothing new to you. You might have even made improvements to the system already. And if you want to share those with the world you can do that on the forum.

Before I go on, a disclaimer. You’ll find links to products on Amazon on this site. Obviously you are under no obligation to buy those products from them. You can just go to your local hardware/garden/aquarium store and find the products you need there. If you do decide to use one of my links though you’ll pay the same price as you would anyway but Amazon will give me a small commission. This commission will help me maintain and improve this website. This project is for the love of window gardening and although I don’t mind spending money on it, there’s a limit to my discretionary income.

If you don’t like that idea but you still think the info I provide here is useful you can also support this site via Patreon. For the price of 1 cup of coffee per month you can make a big difference to this site and to improving it. And although I do appreciate any and all help I want to stress that you’re under no obligation to do so. The information provided here is free for you to use.

With that out of the way, let’s get on with it. To get you as much information as possible I’ve gone through my personal archives and scoured the internet for whatever I could find on window gardening and I’ll continu to do so. Original plans, improvements, personal experiences, I’ll try to collect them all here. Obviously not everything will be here right away as I have a day job and personal life that need my attention but I’ll do my best to provide information at a steady pace

I hope to get you on your way because, to me anyway, there’s not much that beats eating the food you’ve grown yourself. You know it’s all natural and you know it’s free of unwanted (trace) elements. After all, you grew it. Also, you may not believe me yet but, there’s something about the taste of fresh food that you just can’t get anywhere else. Whatever you grow will be tastier, crispier and just more fresh (it goes straight from your own garden to your plate) than anything else. Even the food you get from a farmers market (a great second option in my opinion) will not be as fresh as the food your grew yourself.

Because of that I’ll also provide tips for sprouting your own seeds, transplanting, etc.

So let’s get right into it. The easiest window garden to get started with, in my opinion, is this one. But, even though it’s a little bit more complicated, I recommend that you start with v3.0 anyway (you´ll get the plans for that one send to you automatically when you subscribe to the newsletter) from the original site.

And with that I’m going to leave you for now. Don’t worry though, new updates will follow. Just subscribe to the mailing list and I’ll notify you when I publish new content.