How to transplant plants to your window garden – 5 easy steps

How to transplant plants to your window garden

It’s really very easy to transplant plants to your window garden (or any hydroponic system for that matter). But you have to do it properly to avoid damaging the plant or clogging your system.

Window garden container1) Make sure you have a window garden

It sounds too simple to mention. If you want to transplant plants to your window garden you will need a window garden.

But I’m mentioning this anyway because sometimes people get carried away in their enthusiasm and they start prepping their plants before building their window garden. This is something you want to avoid, just in case it takes you a bit longer to build your window garden than you anticipate. So start by make sure your window garden is up and running.

2) Remove the plant from its current container

It doesn’t matter whether you are starting with an existing plant that has grown traditionally until now or a new plant that you just bought.

Start by removing it, very gently, from the container that it is in. You will probably want to do this outside or you may want to put some plastic on the floor as dirt will come off when you remove the plant from its container.

Make sure that you are very gentle when removing the plant as you want to make sure the plant’s root system doesn’t get damaged.

3) Remove the earth from the root system

As soon as the plant is out of it’s container, we can start removing the earth from the root system. We’ll have to do this gently and, again, it’s best done outside or over plastic as it can obviously get dirty.

Carefully massage the earth until it breaks away. This will get rid of most of it but you’ll still be left with a bit of earth stuck to the roots themselves.

Seedling at Kihei, Maui – Credit: Forest & Kim Starr – Plants of Hawaii – Image licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License, permitting sharing and adaptation with attribution.

4) Wash the root system

Next, was as much of the remaining earth away.

You can do this by submerging the root system in water and very lightly massaging it or you can, gently, run water over the root system while occasionally working the loose earth away with your fingers, carefully.

 5) Add your plant to the window garden

Place your plant in one of your window garden’s empty slots. Make sure the root system is covered by clay pallets or whatever other material you have chosen for your window garden.


And that’s all. Your system is up and running already so as soon as you add the plant it will start getting the nutrient rich water delivered to it’s root system and it can start growing.

As you see, it is indeed very easy. You just have to do everything carefully. As long as you do that you’ll be good to go.

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