Window Farm v3.0

Window Garden / Window Farm v3.0

One of the last articles posted on was about the release of their latest window garden: Window Farm v3.0.

We are pleased to announce the V3.0 release of the windowfarms community’s latest windowfarm design, the V3.0, the Modular Airlift Multicolumn Array, or MAMA!

  • quieter
  • easier to set up
  • more elegant, but still do-able with all recycled water bottles
  • more plants for less electrical input. (up to 32 plants on one air pump if you do Rama’s double plant mod)
  • modular, meaning you can supply proper nutrients to vegetative, fruiting, and flowering plants all in one system.

No more airlift issues with the new tubes. And we have finally achieved some serious height!! Achieving height means you can grow more plants with the same pump so it is way more efficient in terms of the amount of nutritional calories per fossil fuel calorie used in powering the pump. This design described in the free how to is basically the same as the new Classic kit.

If you are a total beginner and not the handiest person in town, we suggest you start with the Version 2.0 airlift system, or consider buying a kit (kit cost comes out about the same as buying all the materials yourself anyway, but we source just the right parts responsibly and the little margin between supports the cost to run the project!!).

We decided to release this as a participatory web guide that captures ideas, questions, sketches, discussion, & issues for R&D-I-Y while you build. This new functionality is still in it’s “beta” testing phase & we are working on integrating it with this site still.

Thank you to all contributors to the site & BIG PROPS to @ramajames, @Hardwarejunkie,  @samenrahmen, and other users who have contributed so much to the art of windowfarming.

Follow this link to the new instructions (you will need to register first so that we can make sure you have accepted the community’s open source terms of service.

Is Window Garden / Window Farm v3.0 the best for you?

And indeed, that version was a big improvement over v2.0. As already said in the article though, it requires a bit more work than V2.0 so you may want to start out with that one instead if this is your first Window Garden. I’m not going to over a kit so that option is no longer on the table. You’ll have to get to work yourself. But don worry, it’s not all that complicated. Just subscribe and wiIl send you the v3.0 DIY build plan.

You’re free to use any air pomp you want. The original instructions favor Petco products whereas I prefer the Danner AP4 (US & Canada), For Europe the Tetra APS300 is often mentioned so I suggest you look at that if you live there.

Whichever pump you get,  it’s best on foam cushions. That’s what I suggest anyway. Although relatively quiet (compared to their output) but they stand in rooms you spend time in yourself. And in that case you’ll want them to be as quiet as possible. I use a rubber mat on which I place a foam sponge. And I put the pump on top of that. This has provided good results for me. That said, some people even build cases around their pumps. It’s up to you to decide how much time you want to put in. It obviously all depends on how much noise you’re willing to accept.

Happy building and enjoy your home grown food!

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